Fooda brings restaurant meals to you on campus.

We partner with Fooda to bring you some of LA's tastiest restaurants right here on campus. Fooda is currently serving at the Caruso School of Law Café and The Waves Café during selected meal periods.

One of the most unique food options available at Pepperdine, daily Popup restaurants delight students and staff by offering a constant variety of cuisine from authentic restaurants on site.

Quality food comes from awesome ingredients and care in preparation. It delights taste buds and makes us feel good. Your individual lifestyle and diet deserve fresh, delicious food.

This gives you greater variety and flexibility when you dine to enjoy a meal form one of your favorite restaurants or maybe discover a new one you didn't know you loved, all without having to leave campus. Fooda is priced and programmed to work with your meal plan and to compliment the existing meals being offered around it. 

To learn more about Fooda visit them here and you can sign up to receive an email alert about who's coming to campus next!